Are You on Your Path, Using Energy and Intuition?

September 12, 2011

Sue Frederick Workshop

Over 75 Attendees Learned to See Their Life's Purpose

This past weekend, over 75 people attended Nalu Institute’s first workshop, led by career intuitive, Sue Frederick. The title was “See Your Life’s Purpose: Using Intuition to Navigate Career & Love.” Sue, with her great energy and beautiful soul, obvious to one and all, taught about finding your path using intuition and energy.

Sue Frederick, Using Intuition to Navigate Career and Love

Sue began by emphasizing that we are all here for a reason and there is a true purpose to our lives. She instructed the group on how to find their path using their birth date. For example, if you are a “22/11″ you might be destined for great things, like Oprah. If you are a “3″, you have a brilliant, flexible mind destined for creativity. The method for finding your number is in Sue’s inspirational book “I See Your Dream Job.”

Intuition was also a topic of Sue’s talk. She instructed the group to start using intuition in small situations. For example, if you are headed out to dinner, first close your eyes and visualize yourself at the restaurant where you plan to eat. See how your body feels. Are you happy? Or do you feel something wrong in your body. Sue recommended following that feeling. The next step would be to imagine your life five years in the future in a career you would like to pursue. How does your body feel when imagining this life? If you are smiling, Sue says that you are on the correct path.

Sue also spoke of energy and how to use it to follow your path. First, she mentioned that we all have “brilliant” days when we are full of energy, passion, creativity and power. Sue recommends we use these days to the fullest. Use all that energy to push us further with our purpose in life. Contrastingly, we all have days when we are low energy and feel like “Sad Sadie.” We moan and groan about “pitiful me.” She recommended that we don’t let the pitiful self make our career decisions, but save those for when we are in the “powerful self” mode.

Sue’s passion for teaching this topic was evident in the response of the audience. The truth of her words and the awareness of the possibility of claiming their highest purpose moved more than a few audience members to tears. Many people left daring to hope that they could follow their dreams, being whispered to them by their soul.

To find out more about Sue Frederick and attend her upcoming events, visit her website. Her book is available on Amazon.

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